Seth MacFarlane Net Worth Updates

Seth MacFarlane Net Worth

Seth MacFarlane is an Actor, Singer, working in animation and comedy. Seth MacFarlane Net Worth is $200 Million. MacFarlane is the creator of the TV Series Family Guy (1999-Present). MacFarlane got his graduation degree from Rhode Island school of design. MacFarlane has performed as a singer at several venues. MacFarlane has released four studio albums. He has been nominated for four Grammy awards for his musical work.

About Seth MacFarlane

Seth Woodbury MacFarlane is born in Kent, Connecticut, U.S. on 26th October 1973. He is an Actor and Singer working in the main of animation and comedy. Recruited to Hollywood, he was an author and animator for Hanna-Barbera for several television collections, including of Johnny Bravo, Cow and Chicken, Dexter’s Laboratory, I Am Weasel, and Larry & Steve. Seth MacFarlane Net Worth is $200 Million. He made numerous guest appearances on TV series consisting of Gilmore Girls, The War at Home and FlashForward. In 2008, he created his very own YouTube series titled Seth MacFarlane’s Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy. He gained numerous awards for his work on Family Guy, consisting of four Primetime Emmy Awards and an Annie Award. In 2009, he received the Webby Award for Film & Video Person of the Year. He once in a while speaks at universities and faculties all through the USA and is a lively supporter of gay rights. MacFarlane served as an executive manufacturer of the Neil deGrasse Tyson-hosted Cosmos A Spacetime Odyssey, an update of the 1980s Cosmos collection hosted by using Carl Sagan. Although MacFarlane loved operating at Hanna-Barbera, he felt his actual calling was for top-time animation, which would permit a miles edgier fashion of humor. He first pitched Family Guy to Fox all through his tenure at Hanna-Barbera. An improvement govt for Hanna-Barbera, who changed into seeking to get returned into the top-time business at the time, brought MacFarlane to Leslie Kolins and Mike Darnell, heads of the opportunity comedy department at Fox.

Early Life                 

MacFarlane born and brought up in Kent, Connecticut. His dad and mom, Ronald Milton MacFarlane and Ann Perry, had been born in Newburyport, Massachusetts. His sister Rachael Ann MacFarlane is voice actress she is born in 1976. He has roots in New England going again to the 1600s and is a descendant of Mayflower passenger William Brewster. MacFarlane’s mother and father met in 1970, when they each lived and labored in Boston, Massachusetts, and married later in 12 months.

Important Details of Seth MacFarlane
Full Name Seth Woodbury MacFarlane
Date of Birth 26th October 1973
Born Place Kent, Connecticut, U.S.
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Height 5’10 ft 1.78m
Weight 83kg 205 Pounds
Build Thin
Spouse/Girlfriend Emilia Clarke
Hair Color Brown/Black
Eyes Color Dark Brown
Race/Ethnicity White
Shoes Size 10US
Religion Christianity
Biceps 28
Waist 116
Butt Size 128
Feet Size 11


Personal Life

On July 16th, 2010, MacFarlane’s mother, Ann Perry Sager, died after a protracted battle with cancer. Her death becomes suggested by means of Larry King on his show Larry King Live, who acknowledged a communication he had along with her in the course of an interview with her son in May 2010. In 2012, he dated Game of Thrones celebrity Emilia Clarke for approximately six months. MacFarlane is partial to Game of Thrones, and the two remained buddies once they broke up. In a 2004 interview, MacFarlane mentioned his similarities to Brian Griffin from Family Guy, revealing, “I actually have some Brian type problems every now and then searching out the proper individual but I date as a great deal as the next guy”.

Seth MacFarlane Family Details

Father Ronald Milton MacFarlane
Mother Ann Perry
Siblings Rachael Ann MacFarlane (Sister)
Spouse/Girlfriend Emilia Clarke
Children None

Seth MacFarlane Interesting Facts

  • MacFarlane Began Creating Cartoon Characters at the Age of 6
  • MacFarlane has his own Production Company named Fuzzy Door
  • Seth MacFarlane is the creator of animated sitcom, Family Guy
  • Seth is a Big Fan of Star Wars and Star Trek Series
  • He is a Supporter of Democratic Party

Seth MacFarlane Career Highlights

First Film The Life of Larry (1995)
First TV Show What a Cartoon! (1997)
Debut Album Music is Better than Words (2011)

Seth MacFarlane Net Worth Table

2010 $134,942,61
2011 $140,623,10
2012 $162,784,64
2013 $179,497,40
2014 $186,794,23
2015 $191,641,31
2016 $195,200,68
2017 $200,167,78
2018 $200,687,45


Seth MacFarlane Relationship History

  • Nicole Sullivan (1998-2000)
  • Christa Campbell (2006)
  • Kat Foster (2007-2008)
  • Eliza Dushku (2008)
  • Amanda Bynes (2008)
  • Kate Todd (2008-2009)
  • Ashley Greene (2009)
  • Trisha Cummings (2010-2012)
  • Julia Felix (2012-2013)
  • Alexis Knapp (2013)
  • Emilia Clarke (2013-Present)



Political Views

MacFarlane is a supporter of the Democratic Party. He has donated over the United States $200 Million to various Democratic congressional committees and to the 2008 presidential campaign of then-U.S. Senator Barack Obama.

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