Logic net worth: interesting facts that you should know

Love the under pressure rap song? Yes, here you will know about the popular young rapper logic whose real name is Sir Robert Bryson “Bobby” Hall II. This young dude is a singer, an American rapper, record producer and songwriter. Logic started to show passion and interest in music when he was in teenage. He started music in 2009 and in 2010 there was a mixtape in the market. Then he signed a deal with a music group named visionary music group. After joining the group, this talented rapper released two more mixtapes. By the year 2012 Logic was the center of attraction in the music world.  Today in 2019 logic net worth is 10 million. Huge right? Now it is time to know a little bit more about this young rapper.

Logics important details


Sir Robert Bryson Hall II
Date of birth January 22, 1990
Birthplace Rockville, Maryland,
Nationality American
Profession Rapper, songwriter, record producer.
Logic Height 5ft 9
Weight 165 lbs
Hair Color ‎Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue
First Album

Life Skillz

About Logic

Logic net worth
Logic net worth

This extraordinary talented American rapper came to the world on January 22, 1990. His birthplace was in Rockville, Maryland. His father was African- American, and mother was Caucasian.  The sad part of his life is the childhood part was a troubled one. Logic parents were the drug addict and his father was not there for his family. Logic grew up with his brothers in Gaithersburg. His brothers were in the business of producing and distribute crack cocaine. They used to sell it to dealers and also to their father. Logic didn’t like the business, instead, he started to grow interested in music especially hip-hop. He started school but dropped out in 10th grade. Later he showed cause of family and not having attention in the study. At the age of 17, logic ran away from home to get away everyday abuse from mother. He started to do different odd jobs to bear his expense.

When did logic start his career? Well, it began when logic age was 13. His inspiration was Kill Bill movie. His godfather was who guided him- Solomon Taylor. The name Logic was named in the stage of psychological at the age of 19. His big year was in 2009, in this year the first mixtape was released. Then he started to work with Redman, Pitbull, Method man and Ludacris.

His fame rose when he joined the music group visionary and the recording Def Jam. They released the album “under pressure” and the year was 2014. It was a super duper hit. This album was in top chart of hip-hop and rap. Then in 2015, he released his second hit album “the incredible story”.  Logic albums are all about his experience of his childhood and his passion for song. And lastly, you will know about logic everybody album in 2017, the hottest rap songs of all time. He became famous as “common sense.” This term came up from his first mixtape in 2010. “Younger Sinatra” was the second one mixtape of logic in 2011. Other mixtapes were “young Sinatra: simple” and “younger Sinatra: Welcome to for all time” in 2012 and 2013 individually. The songs are written from the heart, about life, passion, dreams. It is the main cause that the songs become so popular.

Logic is too much calculative and responsible regarding his personal life. Because he has learned a lot from his life and it was hard for him. He believes in hard work with responsibility and honesty. He showed devote, confidence towards his career and his personal life also. Logic wife is Jessica Andrea. They met in 2013 and dated for two years. Then this beautiful couple is happily married from Oct 22. 2015. Till they have no children. This singer had a relationship before for five years but she was not introduced to anybody. But it didn’t last as Logic wanted to concentrate on music.

Logic net worth

The net worth of this singer is really outstanding. Just look yourself:

Years NetWorth
2012 $2,250,641
2013 $3,600,000
2014 $5,106,607
2015 $7,108,120
2016 $9,000,000
2017 $10,000,000
2018 $10,000,000

Earnings By Years:

Actually, the fortune of Logic started to come in the year of 2012. At that time his mixtape was released and he earned millions. Here you will see the earning chart that is growing yearly.

Earnings By Years:

Years Earnings
2012 $2,800,000
2013 $3,400,000
2014 $4,500,000
2015 $5,600,000
2016 $5,900,000
2017 $6,300,000

Hit songs of logic:

  • Sucker for pain
  • Ballin
  • all I do
  • 5am
  • young Sinatra iii
  • Break it down

Logic also got award nomination for Grammy awards nomination for his song “1-800-273-8255”. He has done many musical tours. In 2012 he has gone on his first international tour, in 2013 he also completes his European tour with success.

This young rapper currently lives in Los Angeles. He has his own recording studio and a huge collection of video games. He has an Audi A4.

The good thing about this rapper is he didn’t forget his background and poverty. He used them as willpower and the steps of success. He often speaks his experience in his song and motivates young’s. He even gave up smoking. This singer is really an inspiration for all young ones, especially who has a troublesome childhood. Many cannot just get away from the situation and they get trapped but salute to this rapper. He has overcome all the hard days and now a millionaire young singer.

This young rapper is really a good inspiration for all youngsters. It is amazing to see how a poor kid from a drug-addicted family has come so far only with hard work and dedication. As you see the logic net worth in 2018 is 10million. It is not an easy thing to do. Now, this talented singer is working on a new project. Hope it rocks and stays in the top cart as usual. All the best to this young hardworking singer.

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