Lil pump net worth- Guess his net worth 2019

Today we will talk about a very young American rapper and singer who got famous in just 17 years. Yes, he is the singer of the super hit song “Gucci Gang” Lil pump. This rapper is known for his passion for luxury and gilded lifestyle. Can you guess the Lil pump net worth 2018? Well, it is nearly $7 million. Huge for 18 years, right? This singer gained fame by posting songs on different social media and media platforms like SoundCloud. This Gucci gang song earned him a hot seat at #3 on the hot 100 songs. There are more to tell about him. So, read on to know about the lavish lifestyle, relationship status, golden career of this talented rapper.

Details of Lil pump:

Name Gazzy Garcia
Date of birth 17th August,2000
Birthplace Miami, Florida
Nationality U.S.A
Profession Rapper, Song recorder,Songwriter
Height and weight Height is 171 cm.
Hair and eye color Brown

Early life:

Grazzy Garcia who is well known as “Lil pump” was born on 17th August in 2000. His birthplace was in Miami, Florida. Though there are less information about his parents and siblings but the information till is confirmed is that his father was a Cuban and mother Mexican. They were in Columbia and shifted to Florida when his brother was born. Since then they were staying in Miami Gardens. But you will not find any information about the brother of the lil pump.


Though this rapper is successful in his singing career full failure in studies. It is not that he was a bad student, but he was found fighting or starting riots always. For this he couldn’t stay in any school for a long time, he was expelled from every school he got admitted. A major incident happened when he was in tenth grade. His classmate was nagging about his favorite musician, and it ended when she put some glue on his hair. This made pump angry, and he ended up beating the classmate badly. So his education is till tenth grade. But this singer claims that he is a Harvard dropper. God knows what the truth is!


Lil pump net worth

Garcia loved rap song form very young age and he used to upload his own songs on YouTube channel. He started to upload these videos form 2012. He also uploaded some videos on Soundcloud. Over time he gained a huge follower, and that enabled him to go for different music videos.

Thanks to his cousin, Lil Ominous who introduced pump to the “smokepurpp” Omar Pineiro. The two became best friends and collaborators since then the rising of Lil pump begins.

Before getting popular, Lil pump worked hard to get his song popular. His debut single “Lil pump” was produced and released on musical platform SoundCloud in 2016. Then he also uploaded some songs like “elementary,” “ignorant,” “drumstick” and “gang shit.” These songs earned 3 million streams form Soundcloud. As the songs were a big success, pump got the title as “Sound Clap rapper.” He got his popularity in the South Florida underground rap scene. His achievements began when he was invited to the “no Jupiter” tour and the big rolling festival in 2016.

Then came the historic day in 2017 when he released his super-hit song “Gucci Gang” and got the seat in number 3 on Billboard hot 100. Then came his debut commercial album where producers and rappers like – Lil Yachty, Gucci Mane, Rick Ross, Chief Keef, 2 Chainz, and Smokepurpp.

You can tell that Lil pump is a promising name in the music industry. Popular rappers and producers are getting interested in working with him. He signed a contract with Warner Bros for $8 million in March 2018. His new songs “Drug Addicts” and  “Esskeetit” from the album Harvard Dropout is hit.

Net worth of Lil pump

2016 $4 million
2017 $4 million
2018 $6.5 million

You can tell. Lili pump was a nobody before 2016.  His online songs grabbed huge fan followers and thanks to them that he is now super famous and rich.


In 2017, there was breaking news that Lil pump is dead. But the truth is his friend Lil peep is dead. The common nickname made the confusion.

In Feb 2018, this rapper was arrested for having a shooting gun in his home, but he was released the next day.

Lifestyle and relationship status:

This young millionaire lives in Miami, but surprisingly this singer didn’t share the photo or address of his whereabouts. He has a yellow Porsche car, Rolls Royce Wraith and an Audi R8 in emerald.

As a die-hard fan of Gucci, Pump loves his Gucci backpack that is worth $2,590, and he also has a Louis Vuitton Josh Backpack that is cost $1,500. He also roams around with Gucci products like belts, cardigan, sweatshirt, and monogram pants.

This rapper has no girlfriend, and he is also unmarried. But he has interest in iCarly star Miranda Cosgrove. He openly declared this though she is 7 years older than him.

Final verdict:

 In summary, Lil pump is now a hot singer for the present generation. He is gaining his popularity day by day only with his music. If he continues to release new music’s regularly and upload them daily, then his present net worth will turn into a double in less time. The present net worth of Lil pump is $6.5 million. Hopefully, it will grow more in the coming years. Though Lil pump is stubborn and disobedient in character, his god gifted music talent suppresses all. In the US music industry, Lil pump is now becoming the successful and best musician of the all-time.

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