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Today’s topic is about an interesting person- Kimberly Anne Scott. She is known as Eminem’s (the famous rapper) ex-wife. Professionally she is an author and freelance illustrator. She is in the limelight for the famous love-wedding-divorce relationship story that went for 20 years. Interesting right? Let’s know more about Kimberly Anne Scott.

Name Kimberly Anne Scott
Birth January 9, 1975
Birthplace Warren Michigan, United States
Height 5 ft.7 inch
Weight 68 kg
Family Father: Casmir Sluck(step father)

Mother: Kathleen sluck

Sister: Dawn Scott (twin)

Spouse: Eminem (divorced)

Children: Parker Scott, Whitney Scott, Hailie Jade Mathers and Alaina Scott

The early life of Kimberly:

 Kimberly was born in Warren Michigan, the United States on January 9, 1975. Her father Casmir sluck who is actually a stepfather and mother Kathleen sluck. Kimberly had the twin sister, Dawn Scott. They both were living with their parents.

 Their stepfather Casmir Sluck was an abusive father. He abused his family after drinking heavily. And it was happening every day. This had a great effect on the lives of two sisters.

When both of the sisters were 13, they decided to run away from home to save themselves from the abuse that was happening in the home by their drunken stepfather.

Kim and her sister went to Lincoln High School. There she met Marshal Bruce Mathers III who is now known as Eminem, the famous rapper. Then Eminem was only 15 years old and was focusing on his career as the rapper. Then Kim was 13 years old.

The love life of Eminem and Kim:

Kimberly Anne Scott net worth
Kimberly Anne Scott net worth

This two lovebirds first met at a friend’s party where Eminem was doing the hit song of LL Cool J “I am bad” with swag and shirtless. It was a love at first sight for the duo.

They started dating and it was then Kim decided to flee from home with her sister Dawn and stay with Eminem in his home. Eminem’s mother Debbie Mather’s-Briggs was not happy at first, but when she heard about their father’s abusive behavior, she took care all the three.

Eminem started to realize his responsibility and started to work. He got a job as a bartender at St.Claire shores. He also had an opportunity to practice his rap songs at the rap battle that happened in the bar. One day Marky Bass a local producer marked him in the bar and promised to give him a break that will give him a great success in his career.

At this point, there was an unexpected incident happened. Kim got pregnant with Eminem’s child. This caused a rift in the life of this two lovers as then was their struggling period. Though it was a tough time, Eminem started to work harder to ensure a beautiful life for the child and his rapper career was almost finished.

Now let’s talk about the life of Kimberly Anne. Her love life was only about Eminem. Two of them just couldn’t stay separated. After having their first child Hailie Jade Mathers who came to the world on December 25, 1995, the couple had issues of responsibility that led to breaking up in 1996.

After the breakup, Kim took her daughter and went away where Eminem came back to his mother. But after two years, this two again make up the differences and got hitched in 1999. The got married in St. Joseph Mo.

But this marriage ended in just two years and in 2001 they were divorced. But this love story still had a twist. After five years, this two again decided to take another chance and got married in 2006 January. But sadly this marriage lasted for only 3 months.

Before the second time marriage, Kim was in many relationships. There was a serious one with Eric Hatter. She has a child with him, her name is Whitney Scott. She was later adopted by Eminem in 2005. This couple also adopted Alaina Scott, daughter of Kim’s twin sister Dawn Scott, who died in 2016 due to an overdose of heroin.

Kimberly is the biological mother of three – Parker Scott, Whitney Scott, and Hailie Jade Mathers. And Alaina Scott is her adopted daughter.

Life after Divorce was not easy for Kim. For a hard time, Kim wanted to do suicide several times.

In 2003, Kim was charged with having cocaine. Her punishment was fine and probation which led to 1-month jail as she interrupted probation.

In 2015, after an incident with her ex-husband, Kim attempted suicide by crashing her herself with her car.

Things got worse when Eminem started to abuse Kim through his songs. Eminem was writing the bad word about her, punching a doll that represented Kim on the stage, assaulting a man in a club who was kissing Kim. All these made Kim frustrated and suicidal. But she managed to go on with her life.

Despite all of her controversies, Kim proved to be a good mother to her 4 children. She took up all the struggles and hardship for the well-being of her children. Now all of them are doing well with their life.

Kim lives in Macomb, Detroit. She is spotted healthy and happy.

Kimberly Anne Scott Net Worth

As The ex-wife of the famous American rapper Eminem, Kim net worth is $2 million. She managed to earn money from 2-time marriage and she also works as an illustrator in children’s books, cards. She also writes books.  Kim says though there is no relationship between Eminem he is supportive in raising children. They both agree in raising kids properly.

 Life of Kimberly Anne scoot was not so easy. She suffered from her childhood. She misses her twin sister a lot. Though she had a tough time with her love and marriage life, Kimberly Anne Scott net worth is $2 million which is a good amount. Now she is leading a peaceful and healthy life. There was no recent problem was heard about her. She might take a lesson from life and lead a good life.  Now she is leading a peaceful and healthy life. There was no recent problem was heard about her. She might took lesson from life and leading a good life.

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