G eazy net worth- amazing facts that should everyone know

“And if I ever said I’m getting’ money Just know I mean it”- yes the popular song of G eazy. This singer, rapper, producer real name is Gerald Earl Gillum. This talented singer started to make music from teen age. When his album was released, he was still studying in university of New Orleans. He is the founder of the band group Bay Boyz. He was releasing his music’s via myspace after making this group. His music was getting popular day by day. He was making different kinds of mixtapes and got NAACP Best Music award in the campus. He used his popularity and created history with Snoop Dog, Lil’ Wayne and Drake. After graduating in music, this singer is making hit songs since then. Can you guess G eazy net worth now? It is over 9 million. This rapper has different albums, mixtapes and also some films. Lets get some more detail about this singer from this article.

G eazy information

Name                 Gerald Earl Gillum
Birth May 24, 1989
Occupation Rapper and singer
Height 1.93 m
Weight 84 kg
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Family Father – Edward Gillum (Associate Professor of Art at CSU Fresno)

Mother – Suzanne Olmsted

Siblings – James Wolcott Gillum

This young singer was born in Oakland, California on May 24, 1989. His parents are Suzanne Olmsted and Edward Gillum. His father Edward was a professor of art at CSU Fresco. But when he was in 5th grade, his struggling days started as his parents were divorced. He had to leave Oakland for Berkeley to stay with grandparents. Later he came to North Oakland and settled there. When he was twelve years, he experienced a new confusing relation as his mother started to date, Melissa Mills. At first, it was tough for him but later they grew a strong relation. But it didn’t last long as Mills died from drug overdose.

He graduated from the Loyola University. He did his BA in music. During his BA, he formed his popular band “the Bay Boyz”. And there was no turning back. After his first mixtape “The Endless Summer” in 2012, he was a busy musician. He also had a successful tour with rapper 2 Chainz in “America’s most wanted tour”.

On June 23, 2014, g eazy signed a contract and released his album. It was a major hit and was in the top chart for the whole week. His next album “ These Things Happen” also was got the first position of the top chart in UK and Australia. This album is the winner of golden certificate of RIAA.  Then came G Eazy’s album “when it’s dark out” on December 4, 2015. This album just rocked the top charts in the whole world. This album is still rocking in the music world in the year and got a platinum certificate for getting 1,000,000 sales. Apart from different albums, this singer has four plays, mixtapes and 12 singles on his list. He also has a contribution in films and TV series like the fate of the furious(2016), strictly come dancing(2016) and Ghostbusters(2016), The Peach Panther (2017), Tunnel Vision (2016) and Fuck With You (2015). All of them made him extremely popular.

G eazy has done many musical tours. His tour started in 2012 by taking part in an annual vans warped tour. Then to excellent adventure tour where he performed in different cities and in 2013 in America’s most wanted tour.

He has also signed deals with some brand companies like RARE Panther, 1800 Tequila, Adidas, Levi’s and Shoe Palace.

G eazy net worth

Year Net worth
2014 $ 2.6 million
2015 $ 3 million
2016 $ 3.2 million
2017 $ 3.5 million
2018 $ 9 million

G Eazy’s personal life:

g eazy net worth
g eazy net worth

It is obvious that there is so much rumor about this handsome hunk about having several relationships. But this singer loves to secretive about his personal life. But there is some true source about this singer’s relation with American singer Devon Baldwin. Let’s wish them good luck. He has no children from any relationship.

He has one brother and they have a great bond. His brother plays trumpet in his band.

Have you ever think of his unique name well, from the beginning of his carrier, he started to perform under the name GE which is his short name. As he has a calm and cool nature, he liked the name eazy as a surname. But still not satisfied with the name. He then tried to develop a rap name then finally he picked the name G Eazy. Interesting right?

He is so passionate about his music career, once he has sold all of his belongings to make a boost in his rap career. It really worked. Now he is the top richest rapper in the musical world.

As for personal lifestyle, this singer has bought a property of worth $1.75 million that is located in Hollywood Hills on a Tuscan Villa in California. This home is 3,642 square foot with 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. This house was owned by Shane West and built in 1979. The tiles of the house have custom design tiles from Italian and Moroccan tiles. The rails are iron made and handmade. The house has several walks in the closet. Warm fireplaces and a guest house that can be easily converted to gym or recording studio. G Eazy drives black ford car.

You can say this young rapper and actor has gained a lot at a tender age. He is really a by born talent. In just 28 years G eazy net worth is over $9 million. It is just imaginable. But all this happened to his talent, hard work, and passion. G eazy loves his mother a lot and take her along on every tour. Despite his troubled childhood, G never gave up. He motivates every youngster with his songs. He has very kind nature and gives lots donation to agencies. This was all about this awesome rapper and his life. Hope you have enjoyed it.

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