Dane Cook Net Worth (Singer Net Worth)

Dane Cook Net Worth

Dane Jeffrey Cook is an American stand-up comedian and movie actor. Dane Cook Net Worth is $30 Million. He has launched 5 comedy albums Harmful If Swallowed, Retaliation, Vicious Circle, Rough, Around The Edges Of Madison Square Garden and Isolated Incident.

About Dane Cook

In 2006, Retaliation became the best charting comedy album in 28 years and went platinum. He executed an HBO unique inside the Fall of 2006, Vicious Circle, an instantly-to-DVD special titled Rough Around The Edges that’s blanketed inside the album of the identical call, and a Comedy Central special in 2009 titled Isolated Incident. He is known for his use of observational, regularly vulgar, and from time to time darkish comedy. He is one of the first comedians to use a non-public webpage and MySpace to build a big fan base and in 2006 become defined as alarmingly popular. Cook has appeared in movies as an actor in 1997, together with Mystery Men, Waiting, Employee of the Month, Good Luck Chuck, Dan in Real Life, Mr. Brooks, and My Best Friend’s Girl. On 15th April 2005, Cook executed his first HBO. Special entitled Vicious Circle. Vicious Circle turned into filmed in the round on the TD Garden. The sitcom never was given picked up and the 2 pilot episodes were later launched on DVD as the Lost Pilot Episodes. That equal 12 months, he embarked on a 30 days 20 show college excursion known as Tourgasm with his longtime buddies Robert Kelly, Gary Gulman, and Jay Davis. The excursion was filmed and become later made into a nine-episode documentary on HBO.

Dane Cook Personal Life

Dane cook net worth
Dane cook net worth

Dane Cook Born in Cambridge Massachusetts, the U.S. on 18th March 1972. The second son of Donna Jean. He has an older half-brother, Darryl, and five sisters. He grew up in a Catholic family of Irish descent. Cook was raised in Arlington, Massachusetts, where he attended Arlington High School. Cook has defined himself as being quite quiet, pretty introverted shy” as a child, even though he was a wild infant at domestic. He overcame his shyness in his junior yr of high college whilst he started out appearing and doing stand-up comedy. After graduating from high college, he studied picture design in university as a returned-up plan in case he did no longer acquire success in comedy. All of his merchandise is Designed by hin, such as the cover of the album, Harmful If Swallowed. Cook has stated that he does not drink or take tablets. Cook’s brother Darryl became Cook’s enterprise manager till 2008, while it was observed that Darryl and his wife had embezzled millions of bucks from him. Both had been convicted and sentenced to jail for the embezzlement.

Important Details of Dane Cook
Full Name Dane Cook
Date of birth 18th March 1972
Occupation Comedian, Film Actor
Height 6’0 ft
Weight 78 kg (117 pounds)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Light Brown
Body type Average
Birth Place Cambridge Massachusets U.S.
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Marital Status N/A
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Age in 2018 45
First TV Show Employee of the Month (2006)
Dane Cook Career

On 30th October 1992, Cook and a collection of nearby rising cartoon comedians were going to appear on the Boston Garden as a part of the nearby radio station “Rock of Boston” song concert. Although they anticipated appearing in advance within the lineup, they were scheduled to carry out among famous band Spin Doctors and the very last headline act Phish, making them relatively worried but decided to do properly. Moments once they took the level but, the gang, neither waiting for nor appreciating a comedy act at this overdue degree in the evening’s application and impatient for Phish to head on, expressed their displeasure by using throwing their footwear at the degree.

Dane Cook Stage Career

On 18th October 2010, it becomes to Know that both Josh and Dane Cook would be starring in Neil LaBute’s Broadway manufacturing of Fat Pig. However, before the display started out it become postponed for economic motives, with cause to reschedule it for the 2012–13 season instead.

Dane Cook Singles

“I’ll Never Be You” (2006)

“Forward” (2007)

“Drunk Girl/Red Car” (2010)

Dane Cook Net Worth Table

    Year  Net Worth
2010 $17,792,13
2011 $19,450,77
2013 $21,871,19
2014 $23,656,61
2015 $25,156,79
2016 $28,742,81
2017 $30,551,38

Dane Cook Albums

Year Album Pear Chart Positions Sales
US US Heat US Indie US Comedy CA
2003 Harmful If Swallowed 67 19 25 2
  • US Sales  1,215,409
2005 Retaliation 4 1 1
  • US Sales  1,264,728
2007 Rough Around the Edges 11 3 1 20
  • US Sales  92,000
2009 Isolated Incident 4 1 1 5
  • US Sales  TBA
2010 I Did My Best 165 15 1
  • US Sales  TBA

Dane Cook Other Releases

2006: Dane Cook’s Tourgasm (3DVD)

2007: The Lost Pilots Sony Pictures Television.

Dane Cook Television Career

In 2005, at some point of an interview with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, actress Charlize Theron leaned forward and allowed Cook to kiss her backside.On October 12, 2012, the show was canceled previously to its airing in spite of having already filmed four out of six episodes. Dane Cook Net Worth is $30 Million. In May 2012, it became announced that Cook might be starring in the new NBC comedy Next Caller.

Dane Cook Stage Career

On 18th November 2010, it changed announced that each Cook and Josh Hamilton would be starring in Neil LaBute’s 2011 Broadway production of Fat Pig. However, earlier than the show started it changed into postponed for financial reasons, with cause to reschedule it for the 2011–12 season alternatively.Dane Cook Net Worth is $30 Million.

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