Kevin O’Leary net worth (Author, Businessman)

Kevin OLeary net worth

Today we will know about a famous Canadian businessman- Kevin O Leary. This businessman is also a great television personality and author. He is mainly renowned for soft key and O’Leary. The famous Shark tank series made O’Leary ”Mr. Wonderful”. Here Kevin grills entrepreneur and business tycoons. Today we will know about Kevin O’Leary net worth.

Name Terence Thomas Kevin O’Leary
Birth date 9 July 1954
Birthplace Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Citizen Canadian and Irish
Family Father: Tery O’Leary


Mother: Georgette

Wife: Linda O’Leary

Children: Trevor, Savannah

Height 177 cm
Weight 75 kilo
Net worth $400 million

The early life of Kevin O’Leary:

Full name of Kevin O Leary is Terence Thomas, Kevin O’Leary. His nickname is “Mr. Wonderful”. He was born in Quebec, Canada 1954. His parent is Tery O’Leary, an Irish father, and Lebanese mother Georgette. His parents came from a small village in Lebanon than they settled in Canada. He has a brother. His parents were divorced when Kevin was young. Later his father died from over drug. Kevin’s mother was a successful business executive. She was a skilled investor. She later married George Kanawaty.

They traveled a lot for his father’s job. Kevin went to St. George’s school, Stan Stead College and University of Waterloo. He was done BA in environmental studies and completed his MBA from the Western Ontario University. Kevin was mainly popular for Shark Tank the critical reality show. This show won primetime Emmy award for three times.


Form his young age, Kevin was surrounded by business and investment environment. But Kevin didn’t know about it. His stepfather worked with UN organization and mother was an investor. Kevin tells that his mother was the shark of the family. She invested in stocks and bonds and made money from that. But it was unknown till she was dead. Kevin got to know about his mother’s investing skill when they got details of her stock and bank accounts.

His career started in the company Nabisco as an assistant. This company was a famous branded company for animal food. He took part in a TV production company to develop but it was not a successful project.

He then took his mother’s skill as motto and sale his share from the TV production. Then he started his own business. He then started to work in IT sector which was a rising business sector. In 1986 he started a company named Softkey. This company was a software-based company. He made a fortune with this company. Actually, Kevin was smart enough to know the business conditions in IT sector in the 80’s. Soft key bought a company the learning company. But Kevin sold it to the other famous company Mattel and left the business later.

Then started his investments to “storage now “ a new company in the year 2003 and came back with a bang in the year 2007. He again started his business in IT sector. He was then the member board of technology and Software Company.

Now he has a huge company O’Leary Funds where he is a chairman and this company is a famous company.

He also writes books and he is a successful writer. His first book – Cold Hard Truth: On Business, Money & Life was released in 2011. It was a success and it helped people a lot to start a business. He wrote part 2 of this book a year later. He also wrote Special Forces I The Darkness of History, Saving Democracy,50 Common Money Mistakes and How to Fix Them, and Cold Hard Truth on Family, Kids, and Money.

Now he is very much known for his role in a TV reality show Shark Tank and Dragon’s Den. In these reality shows, Kevin invests in risky ideas.

Kevin O’Leary personal life:

Kevin married Linda in 1990. They are a couple since then. There was a misunderstanding that separated them in 2011 but they resumed their marriage after two years. His wife is the VP of marketing wings of O’Leary Wines. They have two kids. But Kevin has announced that he will not leave a penny for his kids. They will have to work hard for it like him.

Kevin’s house is in Toronto, Ontario. He also has homes in Muskoka, Boston, and Geneva. O’Leary is a football fan and he is fond of New England Patriots. He has an obsession with fine wine and he is in the international association of Burgundy Wine. He also has interest in the photograph. He sells them and donates. He also sends a donation through future dragon fund to help young entrepreneurs to start their new business from scratch.

His favorite memorable day is when he started his career as a television personality-Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank.

He plays guitar and has lots of interest in it. He shows his skill with his guitar whenever he can on the TV show.

The net worth of Kevin O’Leary:

The net worth of this business tycoon is $400 million. In Kevin’s struggling days, he sold the possession for $25 thousand that he had in the TV production company “Special Event Television”. Then he worked really hard in “Soft Key” that was very hard to build. To build this company he took his mother’s 10 thousand US dollars to make it a stable company. The soft key company was a lucky company for him. He was a millionaire for this company. He brought two more companies “The Learning Company” and the “Broderbund”.

He bought them for $606 million and $416 million US dollars respectively. Then he decided to sell it to the big company Mattel and it sold it for $4.2 billion dollars. Then he began to work with “Storage Now”. By then he sold his every single share for $4.5 million US dollars. And today Kevin is the proud owner of O’Leary Financial Group. This company made his net worth more than $450 million.

This was all about the famous shark tank caster Kevin O’Leary net worth. But frankly speaking, this man really worked hard to get into this position. It was not so easy for him. He earned it with hard work and skill.

Grant Cardone net worth – the Richie rich

Grant Cardone net worth

He is not a celebrity but his lifestyle and net worth are quite impressive. Yes, I am talking about Grant Cardone net worth. This real estate investor not only has interest in business but also has interest in the TV show. He developed this popular TV series in 2011 the reality show Turnaround King.  This popular TV series was aired on the national geographic channel. This man is also working as a motivational trainer, sales trainer, and author. He is known as “Entrepreneur of the 21st Century’. Want to know grant Cardone net worth? It is $350 million. This multimillionaire owns multi million dollar companies. He has 7 best selling books and a radio show named “the Cardone Zone”.

Grant cardone information

Name Grant Cardone
Date March 21, 1958
Birth place Lake Charles , Louisiana
Height 5 feet 9 inches
Weight 77 kg
Hair color salt and pepper
Eye color hazel
Family Father: Curtis Louis Cardone

Mother: Concetta Neil Cardone

Wife: Elena Lyons

Children: two daughters

Life and career history of Grant Cardone:

Grant Cardone came to this world on March 21, 1958, in Lake Charles which is in Louisiana. His parents are Concetta Neil Cardone and Curtis Louis Cardone. He has four siblings and a twin brother. The name of his twin is Gary Cardone. When Grant was 10 years old, his father passed away.

Grant Cardone net worth
Grant Cardone net worth

In Lake Charles, grant went to LaGrange High School and completed his graduation in 1976. Then he got admitted to McNeese State University and got a B.S.C degree in accounting in the year 1981. Then in 1987, Grant started his career in Chicago in a sales training company. For a job, Grant has visited in different cities. After completing graduate, grant started his work with automobile sales. He was CEO of freedom motorsports group inc. After moving from Houston, Grant stayed in California for 12 years. At first, he was in La Jolla, then he went to Miami Beach. There he worked with Atlas Media Corp and established the famous TV show “Turnaround King” in National Geography Channel.

This series was the key to his success in his business. His business started to grow and turned into a huge company in no time. Now Grant owns three big companies. He also speaks as an international sales trainer with entrepreneurs, an industry leader, and CEO. He mostly talks about business strategies, finance, money, and sales. His selling idea is followed by many companies in the United States and Canada. He has seven books published and they are a bestseller. The books are-

  • “Sell to survive” – his first book which was published in 2008.
  • Then came his second book “the closer’s survival guide” in 2009.
  • The next book was “if you’re Not First, You’re Last” in 2010.
  • The other book is “The 10X Rule” that came in 2011.
  • In 2016 he published two books – “Be Obsessed” and “The Millionaire”

Now it is achievement time. Grant was discussed for famous Alumnus award of McNeese State University in 2010. Forbes gave him the position in the top 25 marketing influencer in 2017.

In personal life,  GrantCordone is happily married to Elena Lyons who is a Spanish actress from July 2004. He has two beautiful daughters with her- Sabrina and Scarlett Cardone.  In person, Grant is a member of church Scientology. He helps to promote Dianetics and Scientology from his company by sponsoring NASCAR drivers.

Grant Cardone Net Worth

The beginning of this millionaire’s career started by working in the sales company. He moved a lot in different cities of United States. He earned a lot by traveling. Now the net worth of this man is $350 million. He really deserves this as he worked hard with dedication. He also earned some fortune from the company Freedom Motorsports Group Inc. as he was CEO of it. The Cardone Group and Cardone Enterprises are grant’ s company. One works with real estate properties and the other one consults with the improvement of customer experience and adapting sales process. His companies work with Ford, Google, and Wells Fargo.

His all books are bestsellers though all of them are only made for finance and business talks. He has been a motivator and sales speaker in 500 types of marketing, management, business expansion and selling procedures company. He gained a lot from them. His selling programs were like a hot cake for other sale and retail sale companies. He has approx. $300 million real estate property around the United States.

Cardone was very excited about the TV series “Turnaround King” (2011)”, it was a popular series of the national geographic channel. This series was on the base of Grant’s business life. He also attended in another TV series “How’d You Get So Rich?” in 2010 which was created by John Stevens, Barry Poznick, and Mark Burnett. In this series, his business life was shown and also the luxurious home of Grant’s was displayed. His appearance in TV and reality shoes made him a famous public figure. He is really an ideal businessman icon.

Grant has 3 big luxurious houses which are worth about $135 million. He has 7 luxury cars that worth $2 million. All the cars are exclusive.

Grant Cardone is a family man and he shares a beautiful relation between his wife and his family. Grant Cardone wife Elena, is the inspiration of his life.  His speech is like a magic for those who are new in business. He really inspires them. He speaks internationally about sales and marketing. He works with church and different organizations.

Here was all about Grant Cardone Net worth. This businessman has made all this fortune with hard work and dedication. It is not easy to make $350 million at a young age. He was drug addicted in his early age but he grew out of it and now see him rising. He is famous for his motivational speeches, though all of them are business related. His life is an open book for everybody. Those who are new in business, take motivation from his life.