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Kimberly Anne Scott net worth

Today’s topic is about an interesting person- Kimberly Anne Scott. She is known as Eminem’s (the famous rapper) ex-wife. Professionally she is an author and freelance illustrator. She is in the limelight for the famous love-wedding-divorce relationship story that went for 20 years. Interesting right? Let’s know more about Kimberly Anne Scott.

Name Kimberly Anne Scott
Birth January 9, 1975
Birthplace Warren Michigan, United States
Height 5 ft.7 inch
Weight 68 kg
Family Father: Casmir Sluck(step father)

Mother: Kathleen sluck

Sister: Dawn Scott (twin)

Spouse: Eminem (divorced)

Children: Parker Scott, Whitney Scott, Hailie Jade Mathers and Alaina Scott

The early life of Kimberly:

 Kimberly was born in Warren Michigan, the United States on January 9, 1975. Her father Casmir sluck who is actually a stepfather and mother Kathleen sluck. Kimberly had the twin sister, Dawn Scott. They both were living with their parents.

 Their stepfather Casmir Sluck was an abusive father. He abused his family after drinking heavily. And it was happening every day. This had a great effect on the lives of two sisters.

When both of the sisters were 13, they decided to run away from home to save themselves from the abuse that was happening in the home by their drunken stepfather.

Kim and her sister went to Lincoln High School. There she met Marshal Bruce Mathers III who is now known as Eminem, the famous rapper. Then Eminem was only 15 years old and was focusing on his career as the rapper. Then Kim was 13 years old.

The love life of Eminem and Kim:

Kimberly Anne Scott net worth
Kimberly Anne Scott net worth

This two lovebirds first met at a friend’s party where Eminem was doing the hit song of LL Cool J “I am bad” with swag and shirtless. It was a love at first sight for the duo.

They started dating and it was then Kim decided to flee from home with her sister Dawn and stay with Eminem in his home. Eminem’s mother Debbie Mather’s-Briggs was not happy at first, but when she heard about their father’s abusive behavior, she took care all the three.

Eminem started to realize his responsibility and started to work. He got a job as a bartender at St.Claire shores. He also had an opportunity to practice his rap songs at the rap battle that happened in the bar. One day Marky Bass a local producer marked him in the bar and promised to give him a break that will give him a great success in his career.

At this point, there was an unexpected incident happened. Kim got pregnant with Eminem’s child. This caused a rift in the life of this two lovers as then was their struggling period. Though it was a tough time, Eminem started to work harder to ensure a beautiful life for the child and his rapper career was almost finished.

Now let’s talk about the life of Kimberly Anne. Her love life was only about Eminem. Two of them just couldn’t stay separated. After having their first child Hailie Jade Mathers who came to the world on December 25, 1995, the couple had issues of responsibility that led to breaking up in 1996.

After the breakup, Kim took her daughter and went away where Eminem came back to his mother. But after two years, this two again make up the differences and got hitched in 1999. The got married in St. Joseph Mo.

But this marriage ended in just two years and in 2001 they were divorced. But this love story still had a twist. After five years, this two again decided to take another chance and got married in 2006 January. But sadly this marriage lasted for only 3 months.

Before the second time marriage, Kim was in many relationships. There was a serious one with Eric Hatter. She has a child with him, her name is Whitney Scott. She was later adopted by Eminem in 2005. This couple also adopted Alaina Scott, daughter of Kim’s twin sister Dawn Scott, who died in 2016 due to an overdose of heroin.

Kimberly is the biological mother of three – Parker Scott, Whitney Scott, and Hailie Jade Mathers. And Alaina Scott is her adopted daughter.

Life after Divorce was not easy for Kim. For a hard time, Kim wanted to do suicide several times.

In 2003, Kim was charged with having cocaine. Her punishment was fine and probation which led to 1-month jail as she interrupted probation.

In 2015, after an incident with her ex-husband, Kim attempted suicide by crashing her herself with her car.

Things got worse when Eminem started to abuse Kim through his songs. Eminem was writing the bad word about her, punching a doll that represented Kim on the stage, assaulting a man in a club who was kissing Kim. All these made Kim frustrated and suicidal. But she managed to go on with her life.

Despite all of her controversies, Kim proved to be a good mother to her 4 children. She took up all the struggles and hardship for the well-being of her children. Now all of them are doing well with their life.

Kim lives in Macomb, Detroit. She is spotted healthy and happy.

Kimberly Anne Scott Net Worth

As The ex-wife of the famous American rapper Eminem, Kim net worth is $2 million. She managed to earn money from 2-time marriage and she also works as an illustrator in children’s books, cards. She also writes books.  Kim says though there is no relationship between Eminem he is supportive in raising children. They both agree in raising kids properly.

 Life of Kimberly Anne scoot was not so easy. She suffered from her childhood. She misses her twin sister a lot. Though she had a tough time with her love and marriage life, Kimberly Anne Scott net worth is $2 million which is a good amount. Now she is leading a peaceful and healthy life. There was no recent problem was heard about her. She might take a lesson from life and lead a good life.  Now she is leading a peaceful and healthy life. There was no recent problem was heard about her. She might took lesson from life and leading a good life.

Lil pump net worth- Guess his net worth 2019

Lil pump net worth

Today we will talk about a very young American rapper and singer who got famous in just 17 years. Yes, he is the singer of the super hit song “Gucci Gang” Lil pump. This rapper is known for his passion for luxury and gilded lifestyle. Can you guess the Lil pump net worth 2018? Well, it is nearly $7 million. Huge for 18 years, right? This singer gained fame by posting songs on different social media and media platforms like SoundCloud. This Gucci gang song earned him a hot seat at #3 on the hot 100 songs. There are more to tell about him. So, read on to know about the lavish lifestyle, relationship status, golden career of this talented rapper.

Details of Lil pump:

Name Gazzy Garcia
Date of birth 17th August,2000
Birthplace Miami, Florida
Nationality U.S.A
Profession Rapper, Song recorder,Songwriter
Height and weight Height is 171 cm.
Hair and eye color Brown

Early life:

Grazzy Garcia who is well known as “Lil pump” was born on 17th August in 2000. His birthplace was in Miami, Florida. Though there are less information about his parents and siblings but the information till is confirmed is that his father was a Cuban and mother Mexican. They were in Columbia and shifted to Florida when his brother was born. Since then they were staying in Miami Gardens. But you will not find any information about the brother of the lil pump.


Though this rapper is successful in his singing career full failure in studies. It is not that he was a bad student, but he was found fighting or starting riots always. For this he couldn’t stay in any school for a long time, he was expelled from every school he got admitted. A major incident happened when he was in tenth grade. His classmate was nagging about his favorite musician, and it ended when she put some glue on his hair. This made pump angry, and he ended up beating the classmate badly. So his education is till tenth grade. But this singer claims that he is a Harvard dropper. God knows what the truth is!


Lil pump net worth

Garcia loved rap song form very young age and he used to upload his own songs on YouTube channel. He started to upload these videos form 2012. He also uploaded some videos on Soundcloud. Over time he gained a huge follower, and that enabled him to go for different music videos.

Thanks to his cousin, Lil Ominous who introduced pump to the “smokepurpp” Omar Pineiro. The two became best friends and collaborators since then the rising of Lil pump begins.

Before getting popular, Lil pump worked hard to get his song popular. His debut single “Lil pump” was produced and released on musical platform SoundCloud in 2016. Then he also uploaded some songs like “elementary,” “ignorant,” “drumstick” and “gang shit.” These songs earned 3 million streams form Soundcloud. As the songs were a big success, pump got the title as “Sound Clap rapper.” He got his popularity in the South Florida underground rap scene. His achievements began when he was invited to the “no Jupiter” tour and the big rolling festival in 2016.

Then came the historic day in 2017 when he released his super-hit song “Gucci Gang” and got the seat in number 3 on Billboard hot 100. Then came his debut commercial album where producers and rappers like – Lil Yachty, Gucci Mane, Rick Ross, Chief Keef, 2 Chainz, and Smokepurpp.

You can tell that Lil pump is a promising name in the music industry. Popular rappers and producers are getting interested in working with him. He signed a contract with Warner Bros for $8 million in March 2018. His new songs “Drug Addicts” and  “Esskeetit” from the album Harvard Dropout is hit.

Net worth of Lil pump

2016 $4 million
2017 $4 million
2018 $6.5 million

You can tell. Lili pump was a nobody before 2016.  His online songs grabbed huge fan followers and thanks to them that he is now super famous and rich.


In 2017, there was breaking news that Lil pump is dead. But the truth is his friend Lil peep is dead. The common nickname made the confusion.

In Feb 2018, this rapper was arrested for having a shooting gun in his home, but he was released the next day.

Lifestyle and relationship status:

This young millionaire lives in Miami, but surprisingly this singer didn’t share the photo or address of his whereabouts. He has a yellow Porsche car, Rolls Royce Wraith and an Audi R8 in emerald.

As a die-hard fan of Gucci, Pump loves his Gucci backpack that is worth $2,590, and he also has a Louis Vuitton Josh Backpack that is cost $1,500. He also roams around with Gucci products like belts, cardigan, sweatshirt, and monogram pants.

This rapper has no girlfriend, and he is also unmarried. But he has interest in iCarly star Miranda Cosgrove. He openly declared this though she is 7 years older than him.

Final verdict:

 In summary, Lil pump is now a hot singer for the present generation. He is gaining his popularity day by day only with his music. If he continues to release new music’s regularly and upload them daily, then his present net worth will turn into a double in less time. The present net worth of Lil pump is $6.5 million. Hopefully, it will grow more in the coming years. Though Lil pump is stubborn and disobedient in character, his god gifted music talent suppresses all. In the US music industry, Lil pump is now becoming the successful and best musician of the all-time.

lil uzi vert net worth – A Fairytale Of a Star

lil uzi vert net worth

The rise of the American hip hop recording artist Lil uzi vert began from the release of the mixtape “The Real Uzi,” in 2014. Since then this hip-hop singer is spreading his music with grace and his earning is getting double. He gained his fame in a short time, and he deserves this. The lil uzi vert net worth in 2018 is $7 million. That is quite a money – let’s have a look into the lifestyle, career of this young talented singer.

Details of lil uzi vert

Name Symere Woods
Date of birth July 31, 1994
Birthplace Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Height and weight 5 FT 7 and 73 Kg
Hair and eye color Black and dark brown
Family No information

The early life of lil uzi vert:

Symere Woods who is famous as “lil uzi vert” was born July 31, 1994, in North Philadelphia in Francisville. It is surprising, but there is no information about his parents and siblings. The singer deliberately kept his family a mystery.

His adopted name “Lil Uzi Vert” was given by his friends. His friend thinks that his rapping style is similar to a machine gun, they compared with Uzi that is known in Israel as blowback operated open bolt submachine gun.

Anyway, let’s concentrate on our hip-hop singer – he loved music from the time he learned about music. He grew up listening to Ying Yang Twins and Mike Jones. Then he started to follow Meek Mill and Wiz Khalifa, when you hear his song, you will find the influence in the lyrics and style. He is also a big fan of Marilyn Manson.

 When woods was in 10th grade, woods started to rapping. He had a group of rappers named “steaktown” with some of his friends.

His friend William Aston was the one who inspired him to become a rapper. Aston used to share woods song and lyrics by singing and rapping.


Symere woods completed his high school education. In high school, his best friend Aston inspired woods to sing and to rap.


lil uzi vert net worth
lil uzi vert net worth

From a very young age, lil uzi listened to music and decided to get involved with the music industry. But for his family, he had to join in a bar after completing high school. But he didn’t last long there, and for this, his mother kicked him out from the house. Since then he was sure that he wants to be a singer and he has to be one. To focus on his career, he got the “faith” tattoo under his hairline.

So, he started to do rapping as his living. He was earning well because he was popular for his singing style. He started his first partnership with DJ Diamond Kuts. This album worked as a great booster for his beginning of a singing career. For this album musician and music directors began to notice Uzi.

And the magic finally happened when Don Cannon noticed this talented singer. He understood his passion for music and decided to work with him. He contacted with DJ Drama and three of them signed a contract with Generations now and Atlantic records.

Uzi started to write songs as soon after signing the contract. In 2014 he released Purple Thoughtz EP Vol. 1 and The Real Uzi, in 2015 Luv is Rage and in 2016 the mixtape “Lil Uzi vs. The World” is released. You can tell he didn’t waste any time to rise and he really made it.

His best move was featuring Maaly Raw, and Metro Boomin in the mixtape’s songs Money Longer and you were right. These two songs were hit and got the place in the Billboard Hot 100.

This singer was now working with big music artists like Migos; his target is to make different non-stop catchy songs. In 2017 this pair released the hit song “bad and boujee” that stayed top in the US Billboard list for a long time.

The best thing about this young singer is he works hard and don’t spend any time in with friends or any entertainment. He knows what he will do with his life, and that is just going up to reach the top.

Lifestyle and relationship:

Though this singer has no time for fun in his life, he has set his life with a beautiful house and cars. He also loves pets and loves to spend some time with them.

He has a property in Oahu in Hawaii that is worth around $15 million. This house has 5, and one can enjoy a beautiful ocean view from the house.

Woods has a huge collection of cars that worth’s about $1800000 million. In his collection, he has Dodge Charger Hellca, a Porsche 911 Carrera S, Mercedes Benz Slang AMG, Mercedes Benz G-Wagon, a Rolls Royce Dawn, Lamborghini Aventador and more.

The mot precious asset is his $100,000 worth chain that flashes in his song.

You will find different cute pets in the woods house. He has a cat, a baby goat, parrots. He had a dog, but it is now missing.

This singer is in love with the famous Instagram sensation and beautiful model Brittany Renner. This relation had and still have many ups and down but they are a hot couple.

Final verdict

It was 2014 when Lil Uzi earned fame and viewed the most successful careers.  The Lil Uzi Net Worth 2018 is $7 million, some source says it is around $7.1 million. Lil Uzi likes to stay in the limelight. Once he uploaded a video where he was super drunk and was wearing two different shoes. And there was another video where Uzi was greeting school kids. All these videos added worth in lil uzi career life. This singer really deserves this fame and money because he really works hard for this. He earned every penny and fame with his focus mind and talent; this attitude is very rare for a young age singer. He got famous in a very short time, and he has a long way to go.

Migos net worth – How Rich Are They Actually

Migos net worth

“Migos” – the name of famous American hip hop band group. This band has three rappers – Offset, Takeoff, and Quavo. This band was formed in 2009 in Lawrenceville, Georgia. This band got famous from 2017 and the success was huge. Today migos net worth is $12 million and the earning of the individuals are $4 million.

Each band member is still in their 20s and they just began their career. But they are making history in the music industry. They are getting famous for their unique style of music and making boujee back in hip-hop style. Here is the story of migos.

Full information of migos members:

As the band has three members – Quavo, Takeoff, and Offset. Let’s know little about their life and career.

# Quavo:

Full name is Quavious Keyate Marshall. He was born in Athens, Georgia on 2nd April 1991. His father was dead at the age of 4 and mother was working as a hairdresser. He was grown up in Gwinnett country. It was not a good neighborhood to grow up.

Quavo went to Berkmar high school. He was good in football and played well. He dropped out from school before his graduation which was months after.

With fellow rappers Offset and Takeoff, migos was formed in 2009 by Marshall. Actually offset and takeoff was relative Marshall. The three grew up together. Marshall and Offset was cousin and uncle of Takeoff.

# Offset:

Full name is Kiari Kendrell Cephus. He was born in Lawrenceville, Georgia, on

December 14, 1991. There is no information about his parents. He grew up in marshal’s house as he was his cousin.

# Takeoff:

Full name is Kirshnik Khari Ball. He was born in Lawrenceville, Georgia, the United States on June 18, 1994. He was brought up in Marshal’s home as Marshal was his uncle. His other information is not known.

The career of Migos:

Migos net worth
Migos net worth

The three rapper Offset, Quavo, and Takeoff created the group in 2010. At first, the name was “Polar Club”. Then they renamed the band name Migos. By 2014 this band released 10 mixtape songs. The songs Hannah Montana, Versace and Young Rich N*ggas that were released in 2013 were super hits. Among these songs, Versace was on the Billboard chart. This drew the attention of Drake. He made a remix by dropping a verse in the Versace song and added in his remix album.

Then in 2015, this band released the famous dabbing song look at my dab that created a dance craze. It was hit in the nationwide.

In 2016, came the super hit song “Bad & Boujee”. It was on the Billboard chart 100. Then in 2107, came another super hit studio album. It was also in the top chart of billboard 200.

Migos has teamed up with many artists including Busta Rhymes, R. Kelly, Drake, Gucci Mane, Justin Bieber, Young Thug, Riff Raff, Fetty Wap, Twista, French Montana, ASAP Ferg, B.o.B, Wiz Khalifa, Soulja Boy, Juicy J, and OJ da Juiceman.

How much is Migos’s Net Worth?

Before going to in details information about migos net worth, you have to know this band is giving hit albums since 2009. From then they were earning a fortune. They also earned extra money from different TV shows and concerts.

Honestly, migos never revealed their net worth digits to the world, but different sources have confirmed that migos net worth is $12 million.

The boys really worked hard and faced many struggles to grow up from the low standard life in Atlanta to the million dollars worth property in Beverly Hills. They have different luxurious cars, let’s count McLaren 650s spider that is worth $300,000, 2 Bentley’s, Lambos, Mercedes, Rolls Royce, and Ferraris. They didn’t forget their mom. Their mom has a new house and a BMW car of her own.

Migos’s Entire Earnings:

In the year 2011, Migo earned $267k. In 2012, they took $328k. Then by 2014 the earning increased $494k. By 2016 it was $4300k. and in 2018 their earning was $12 million.

Now let’s talk about the individual net worth of the individual members.

Quavo earns $4million. He settled down in Stockbridge, Georgia. He has a mansion that worth $2.8 million. His car is BMW X6 that is worth $85,000. He has Fisker Karma that is $150,000.

Offset earns $2 million. He has a house in Atlanta hood which is worth of $10 million. He owns a $30 million worth jet plane and cars like Mercedes Maybach Truck, Bentley.

Takeoff earns $2million. His property is unknown.

But one thing you will see in this band is the bond they have.

This hip-hop band got awards like BET award for the best music band group, YouTube award, and best collaboration award.

Personal life:

Quavo is now dating American model, socialite, and actress, Karrueche Tran. As she was the ex-girlfriend of Chris Brown, Quavo and Tran face the problem that comes from Chris.

Offset is currently promised to Bodak Yellow rapper Cardi B. This couple started dating from 2017. Then in Halloween, offset proposed Cardi B officially and the two got engaged. But Offset has the previous relationship with more women and has three children from them.

Speaking the truth the youngest member of this band, Takeoff is very smart in his personal life. He didn’t expose any relationship till date.


As this band rose to fame, the rappers were in trouble. In 2013, offset was jailed for burglary and theft. Then in 2015, the whole group member was convicted of having drugs and arm weapons and sentenced to jail.

Here was the story of rising band Migos. These guys really earning a fortune. They really work well on their music and lyrics. Though they were brought up with hardship and struggle their love and dedication to music gave them this fame and fortune.  It is a guarantee that they will worth more in the coming years. Apart from all the drug controversies and arm weapon cases, the boys are making a history in the world of hip-hop.

Young thug net worth – an interesting life of a rapper

Young thug net worth

Young thug, whose real name is Jeffery Lamar Williams is an American songwriter, singer, rapper and record producer. He is unique because of his style of singing and rapping. His fashion style is also popular among young generation.

Young thug net worth is now $8 million in 2018, and it is growing. This young singer is so talented that he got attention from the famous rappers like – Gucci Mane, Shawty Lo, Cash Out, Birdman, and Rich Homie Quan and worked in different songs. It is damn sure that this young rapper will be named as the famous rapper in American history in no time.

Details about Young Thug

Name Jeffery Lamar Williams
Birth date August 16, 1991
Birth place Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.
Nationality United States of America
Parents He never mentioned about them
Height and weight 6 FT 3 IN and 167.5 POUNDS
Hair and eye color black and dark brown
Net worth $8 million

Young thug age and early life

Young thug net worth
Young thug net worth

The age of this rapper is now 27 as he was born on August 16, 1991, in Atlanta, Georgia. He was born in a big family with 11 siblings, and all of them lived at the demolished Jonesboro South projects. His siblings were from different fathers, so he didn’t share his parent’s name publicly. But he does care about his brothers and sisters, help them financially and mentally.

As the family was big, his mother was confused and working hard to keep them all happy and well. But it was tough. For financial and environment problem, Jeffery endured tough times, and he was introduced to the crime world in young age.

He has a sad incident in life as his one brother was dead from gang shooting incident in front of him and another brother is serving a lifetime for murder. So, you can guess how his childhood was spent.

Education of Young Thug

He started his schooling in the elementary school and made up to sixth grade. But as I told he had a reckless childhood and the result was breaking the arm of his class teacher. He was in juvenile prison for four years. So, it was the end of his study life.

Who signed young thug?

After getting expelled from school, young were spending time with different girls and his passion rapping and music. In 2011, he got released his hit mixtapes series “I came from nothing” and got noticed by the famous rapper Gucci Mane. He signed young a contract with his label and the mixtape “1017 Thug” got released.

The mixtapes were a super duper hit for the unique style of rapping of thug’s.

Young thug songs

After 2011, thug released his single “Stoner” in 2013 and as usual it was also a big hit. Then came “Picacho” the best single which was nominated as one of the best 100 tracks by the “Rolling Stone” and “Pitchfork” magazine.

In 2014, he recorded some songs with Kayne West who is the famous American rapper. This collaboration made young thug more renowned. He made another album “The Life Of Pablo” with Kayne. In 2016.

From 2016, young thug started his own label and worked on different songs. You can tell his fans loved the young thug albums and made him today what he is.

Young thug kids and girlfriend

As I told before, he started dating girls from a very young age, and the result is being a father at the age of 17. Well, this is not the end, now thug has three sons and three daughters. And they are from 4 different women. Cool right? Now he is dating Jerrika Karlae.

Young thug dress

This rapper loves to wear women dress. Why? Well, he thinks they are slimmer than man’s clothing. He likes to wear tight jeans that fit. He only wears men’s T-shirt, and the rest of the garments are women clothing’s.

Young thug’s cars and house

He bought a home for his family, but he rented a mansion for himself. His house is in San Francisco. The house is huge with 8.5 bathrooms, a 4-car garage, a movie theater room, a guest house and fireplaces that are countless. Hell, of a house, right?  Some sources say that he has a mansion in California also.

He loves the car and has a huge collection of them like a Chevy, Porsche, Maybach and more.

His other love interest is designer clothing’s, accessories, gold chains and expensive watches that are diamond-encrusted.

Thug really loves his siblings. He often gives away his cars and money to them.

Final words

Young Thug is one of the prominent rappers in the American music industry. But the truth is it was not easy for him to come this way for a young thug. He had to struggle with drugs, robberies, and gambling. Still, he has some legal allegation about some crime, but his unique rapping style and songwriting made him today’s “young thug.”  For his talent, young thug net worth is $8 million, and the number is increasing day by day.

Meta description

Young thug net worth is $8 million till date, and it will hit to $12 million in less time. He is the talented songwriter and rapper in American rapping music industry. His lifestyle, personal life is quite impressive. Check out for more.

Pewdiepie net worth

Pewdiepie net worth

Today we will talk about an online celebrity who is known as PewDiePie. Yes, the popular Swedish YouTube content creator. He is also a video producer and web comedian. He is currently living in England. He is popular for his funny and sarcastic comments in the videos. PewDs has a name for his subscribers that is “bro army”.

 Information about Pewdiepie

Full name Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg
Date of birth October 24, 1989
Birthplace Gothenburg, Sweden
Citizenship Swedish
Residence Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom
Height 5 ft 11
Weight 75 kg
Hair color Blond
Eye color Blue
Family Father – Ulf Christian Kjellberg (Chief Executive of a corporate company)

Mother – Lotta Kristine Johanna (Former CIO of KappAhl)

Siblings – Fanny Kjellberg (Sister)

Partner – Marzia Bisognin

The early life of Pewdiepie:

PewDiePie was born in Gothenburg, Sweden on October 24, 1989. His father Ulf Christian Kjellberg and mother Lotta Kristine Johanna was a respected citizen in their community. His father was work as a chief executive in a company and mother was Lotta Kristine Johanna who was a CIO of KappAhl. Felix has a sister also. They were a happy family. Felix has different nicknames like- Poods, PewDiePie, Pewds, PooDiePie, PewDie.

When he was in school, he was interested in art rather than books. He loved to draw his two favorite cartoon characters – Mario and Sonic – the Hedgehog. When he was in high school, he used to bunk classes and go to play video games with his friends in the internet café. Then he completed his graduation from Göteborgs Högre Samskola. Then he went to Chalmers University of technology to get a degree in industrial economics and technology management. But he dropped out from his studies in 2011. Some reports have said he stopped his studies to focus on studies. But Pewdiepie didn’t agree to it, he said he didn’t like the subject and had no interest in it, he was happy with his life by making his own video game, working with Photoshop. He loved to work with photo manipulation and attended some competitions.  He was almost selected as a trainee in the famous agency in Scandinavia. But when didn’t have it, then he sold his photoshopped images and bought a computer to work on YouTube. And it was the beginning of history.

The career of Pewdiepie:

It was the year 2010 when pewdiepie was on YouTube working with video. His parents didn’t support him in this decision as he has left his school. It was a struggle period for pewdiepie.

But working hard for two years, pewdiepie has 1 million subscribers in his channel. He had to work with different multi-channel networks.

In the year 2016, 2nd December pewdiepie made a video that he is going to delete his famous pewdiepie channel if it reaches 50 million subscribers. This news got viral and created a craze. People really started to subscribe to his channel. And his channel got 50 million followers. As he promised, he really deleted his channel but also saved 50 million subscribers. Actually, he deleted his 2nd channel which was not so popular or had any subscribers. Smart right? Now Pewdiepie has 59 million subscribers and view of 17 billion. Time magazine named this guy as “The World’s 100 Most Influential People”

PewDiePie Net Worth

Pewdiepie net worth is $20 million to date. His main income source is his channel on YouTube. He has also two game video- PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator and Legend of the Brofist .

Year Net worth


$4 million


$5 million


$12 million


$15 million


More than $19 million
2018: $20 million

So you can say he was earning $155 million from 2010, a lot right?

In February 2017, pewdiepie lost his YouTube red channel because of his antisemitic preferences. Pewdiepie had cleared that he was trying to prove a point that people can do anything for money like ANYTHING. It was just sarcasm.

Pewdiepie’s girlfriend:

Felix has dated with only one single girl. Her name is Marzia Bisognin. Their story started by Marzia’s friend Diazo. He found pewdiepie’s videos funny so he redirected his friend some videos. Marzia found these videos funny and interesting. So she knocked Felix and conveyed him that his work was good and funny. This was the start. Both started to communicate with each other and from 2011, they started to date each other. As Marzia lived in Italy, Felix went to Italy to meet with her. Then Marzia came to Sweden to settle down her life with Felix in 2012. Now the couple is staying in Brighton, UK.

 Pewdiepie’s house and car:

Though Felix earns worth 1 million per month his lifestyle is not that lavish. His house is not so luxurious. And now to work better, he is living in England in a rented house. He has a Porsche car and he loves it.

Awards and achievement:

PewDiePie has won 5 awards for his works. In 2013, he got a social star award and a shorty award. Then in 2014, he got an award as a teen choice award for gaming. In 2015, he got award steamy awards for best gaming channel.

He also did some deals with some famous companies. He signed a deal with Legendary Pictures to promote the movie, As Above, So Below (2014).

Pewdiepie net worth
Pewdiepie net worth

In 2015, he signed a deal with mountain dew.

His first film was Asdfmovie8 (2014) for his gave his voice as Lonely Guy. Then in 2015, he was in the theatrical film Tomorrow land.

Here was the information about the famous you tuber Felix who is known as pewdiepie. Pewdiepie net worth is $20 million. You can tell this young guy has created a history only by utilizing his creativity and humor sense. He is still working hard and going on creating new contents for his channel. Hope we will get to know more about his funny side. He also loves to show his expressions while he is playing his favorite video games. He is really an amazing and creative guy.

How Much does Soulja boy net worth?

soulja boy net worth

“Donk”, “Kiss me thru the phone”, “turn my swag on”- I think these songs are on the favorite list of those who love music. Yes, today we will talk about the famous Soulja boy. He is an American actor, producer, rapper and hip-hop artist. His singles were sold 3 million copies worldwide. His career started from YouTube channel which has now 420 million views. Stay with us and know more about Soulja boy net worth.

Name DeAndre Cortez Way
Birth July 28,1990
Birthplace Chicago, Illinois, U.S
Height 1.75 m
Weight 67 kg
Family Father: Tracy way

Mother: Lisa way

Brother: Deon Jenkins

  • DeAndre “Soulja Boy” Way (CEO) Michael “Miami Mike” Sykes (President)
net worth $423 million

The early life of Soulja Boy

  DeAndre Cortez Way is the actual name of Soulja Boy. His nicknames are Big Soulja Soulja, Young Draco, and Boy Tell ‘Em. Hewas born on July 28, 1990, in Chicago, Illinois, U.S. His parents are Lisa way and Tracy way. They were loving parents. He had a brother Deon Jenkins, who was killed in a car accident at a very tender age.

Soulja boy and his family moved to Atlanta from the Windy City down when Soulja boy was six years old. Soulja showed an obsession with music when he was very young. He loved to do hip-hop and rap song. He came to notice of many music personals who helped him a lot to take music as a career seriously. Seeing his passion for music, his father made a music studio for Soulja to make his own song from his own studio. Soulja was 14 years old then.

Soulja finished his study from South Panola high school. He loved to take part in extra curriculum activities in school. For this Soulja was easy with stage performance. You will know it when you will see his performance.

Soulja Boy Awards & Achievement and Career,

Soulja first starting to post his songs on SoundClick from his studio in 2005. when he was getting positive feedback from his followers, then created a channel on YouTube and Myspace. He got very famous when he released his first album from his studio “Crank that” in the year 2007. It was only the beginning of the history, he released more than a dozens of albums like ‘Loyalty’, Super Dope’, “King Soulja 4’, “Better Late Than Never’, ‘iSouljaBoyTellem’, “Unsigned and Still Major’, The Gold’, “’ and All Black’ and the list goes on.

He worked with many known record labels like SODMG, Collipark, Interscope. He also shared the stage with stars like Bow Wow and Arab, Mr. Collipark, Lil B, Gucci Mane, Chris Brown, Chief Keef.

Then in 2008, he released “SOD clothing’ which is his own clothing line. Next release was “yums” his shoe line in 2012. He teamed up with D.young, the famous designer and started ocean gang. He also founded ‘BLVD. Supply’.

 This young talented boy also tried his talent in movies. He acted in the movie like “YouTube Live’, ‘School Girls’, Soulja Boy: The Movie’, ‘What’s at Stake’, ‘Malice N Wonderland’ and Officer Down’. He has an Instagram account with 4 million followers where he promotes songs, merchandises, and clothes.

In 2016, Soulja entered in the gaming industry by signing a contract with World Poker Fund Holdings. He makes donations to charitable organizations such as Children’s Miracle Network and Toyz N Da Hood.

Awards & Achievements

Soulja Boy was nominated for many honorable music awards like ‘Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards’,  “BET Award’, ‘Ozone Award’, Grammy Award’ and Teen Choice Awards’. He got the awards of BET Hip-Hop Award for Best Hip-Hop Dance’ and ‘Ozone Award for Patiently Waiting: Mississippi’ in 2007.

This year Soulja is busy with his new album and committed to his fans on a world tour.

Personal life

It is obvious that this Richie rich young singer was popular among girls. He had many relationships with Keri Hilson, Trina, Meagan Good, Teyana Taylor, Diamond, Irene The Dream, Kirkland Niatia, Lil Mama, Karrine Steffans, India Westbrook, and Nastassia Smith. But his serious relationship was with Nia Riley. She is the daughter of Teddy Riley, the Grammy award-winning producer. This rollercoaster ride relationship lasted from 2014 to 2016. This couple was spotted on the reality show Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. They have a beautiful daughter – Kamyrn together. But the relation ended bitterly. After this, there was a new rumor that Soulja is engaged with Rosa Acosta, who is a Dominican model. But from October 2016, he is dating reality TV star, Brittish Williams. All the best to this couple.

soulja boy net worth
soulja boy net worth

Soulja loves chili cheese fries as food. His favorite TV show is a death note, the song keeps ya head up by Tupac, film -The Social Network and Book – The Art of War. He is the fan of Diggy Simmons.

Net Worth of Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy Net Worth as of 2018 is $423 million. His millions mainly came from his record deals. He also did well in business. He has his own clothing and shoe business. His movie was appreciated by the critics. So there is a lot of sources to earn for this millionaire Soulja Boy.

He has a house in Hollywood Hills, California. This house worth’s $3 million. There is Gaming Room, Home Office, Sauna and Jacuzzi in this home.

Soulja owns a Ferrari 488 GTB, Maserati, a Lamborghini Gallardo and a Bentley.

He is close with another young singer Justin Bieber. They get along well.

Soulja Boy is considered as one of the popular and talented singers of American music industry.  He made his position only with his debut song album. But all have to admit that he really knows the business. He made fortune with his songs but made double earnings with his business investments and tactics. He really did well in the business. Though the Soulja boy net worth is $423 million, his mother complains that Soulja doesn’t take care of his mother at all. But there is no proof about that. So here was the life of the young talented rapper cum actor Soulja boy. Man, he really rocks the stage when he is performing.

Kevin O’Leary net worth (Author, Businessman)

Kevin OLeary net worth

Today we will know about a famous Canadian businessman- Kevin O Leary. This businessman is also a great television personality and author. He is mainly renowned for soft key and O’Leary. The famous Shark tank series made O’Leary ”Mr. Wonderful”. Here Kevin grills entrepreneur and business tycoons. Today we will know about Kevin O’Leary net worth.

Name Terence Thomas Kevin O’Leary
Birth date 9 July 1954
Birthplace Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Citizen Canadian and Irish
Family Father: Tery O’Leary


Mother: Georgette

Wife: Linda O’Leary

Children: Trevor, Savannah

Height 177 cm
Weight 75 kilo
Net worth $400 million

The early life of Kevin O’Leary:

Full name of Kevin O Leary is Terence Thomas, Kevin O’Leary. His nickname is “Mr. Wonderful”. He was born in Quebec, Canada 1954. His parent is Tery O’Leary, an Irish father, and Lebanese mother Georgette. His parents came from a small village in Lebanon than they settled in Canada. He has a brother. His parents were divorced when Kevin was young. Later his father died from over drug. Kevin’s mother was a successful business executive. She was a skilled investor. She later married George Kanawaty.

They traveled a lot for his father’s job. Kevin went to St. George’s school, Stan Stead College and University of Waterloo. He was done BA in environmental studies and completed his MBA from the Western Ontario University. Kevin was mainly popular for Shark Tank the critical reality show. This show won primetime Emmy award for three times.


Form his young age, Kevin was surrounded by business and investment environment. But Kevin didn’t know about it. His stepfather worked with UN organization and mother was an investor. Kevin tells that his mother was the shark of the family. She invested in stocks and bonds and made money from that. But it was unknown till she was dead. Kevin got to know about his mother’s investing skill when they got details of her stock and bank accounts.

His career started in the company Nabisco as an assistant. This company was a famous branded company for animal food. He took part in a TV production company to develop but it was not a successful project.

He then took his mother’s skill as motto and sale his share from the TV production. Then he started his own business. He then started to work in IT sector which was a rising business sector. In 1986 he started a company named Softkey. This company was a software-based company. He made a fortune with this company. Actually, Kevin was smart enough to know the business conditions in IT sector in the 80’s. Soft key bought a company the learning company. But Kevin sold it to the other famous company Mattel and left the business later.

Then started his investments to “storage now “ a new company in the year 2003 and came back with a bang in the year 2007. He again started his business in IT sector. He was then the member board of technology and Software Company.

Now he has a huge company O’Leary Funds where he is a chairman and this company is a famous company.

He also writes books and he is a successful writer. His first book – Cold Hard Truth: On Business, Money & Life was released in 2011. It was a success and it helped people a lot to start a business. He wrote part 2 of this book a year later. He also wrote Special Forces I The Darkness of History, Saving Democracy,50 Common Money Mistakes and How to Fix Them, and Cold Hard Truth on Family, Kids, and Money.

Now he is very much known for his role in a TV reality show Shark Tank and Dragon’s Den. In these reality shows, Kevin invests in risky ideas.

Kevin O’Leary personal life:

Kevin married Linda in 1990. They are a couple since then. There was a misunderstanding that separated them in 2011 but they resumed their marriage after two years. His wife is the VP of marketing wings of O’Leary Wines. They have two kids. But Kevin has announced that he will not leave a penny for his kids. They will have to work hard for it like him.

Kevin’s house is in Toronto, Ontario. He also has homes in Muskoka, Boston, and Geneva. O’Leary is a football fan and he is fond of New England Patriots. He has an obsession with fine wine and he is in the international association of Burgundy Wine. He also has interest in the photograph. He sells them and donates. He also sends a donation through future dragon fund to help young entrepreneurs to start their new business from scratch.

His favorite memorable day is when he started his career as a television personality-Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank.

He plays guitar and has lots of interest in it. He shows his skill with his guitar whenever he can on the TV show.

The net worth of Kevin O’Leary:

The net worth of this business tycoon is $400 million. In Kevin’s struggling days, he sold the possession for $25 thousand that he had in the TV production company “Special Event Television”. Then he worked really hard in “Soft Key” that was very hard to build. To build this company he took his mother’s 10 thousand US dollars to make it a stable company. The soft key company was a lucky company for him. He was a millionaire for this company. He brought two more companies “The Learning Company” and the “Broderbund”.

He bought them for $606 million and $416 million US dollars respectively. Then he decided to sell it to the big company Mattel and it sold it for $4.2 billion dollars. Then he began to work with “Storage Now”. By then he sold his every single share for $4.5 million US dollars. And today Kevin is the proud owner of O’Leary Financial Group. This company made his net worth more than $450 million.

This was all about the famous shark tank caster Kevin O’Leary net worth. But frankly speaking, this man really worked hard to get into this position. It was not so easy for him. He earned it with hard work and skill.

Post malone net worth Recent Report and Update information

Post malone net worth

Post Malone is probably the youngest American songwriter, singer, and rapper. This talented singer started his career not very long time ago; his single song “white iverson” was the song that gave him a big break in the music industry and post Malone is unstoppable from then. In less than two years of career, 22 years old Post Malone net worth is $14 million. Quiet impressive right? Let’s know more about this young rapper more.

Details about Post Malone

Name Austin Richard Post
Birthday 4th July 1995
Birthplace Syracuse, New York, USA
Nationality American
Profession Rapper and singer
Height and weight 184 cm and 84 kg
Hair and eye color Dark brown and blue
Parents Father – Rich post

Mother- Nicole

Step Mother – Jodie

Brothers- Jordan, Mitchell

Net worth $`14 million (2018)

The early life of Post Malone

This talented singer’s real name is Austin Richard Post. He was born in Syracuse in New York on July 4, 1995. His father was Rich post and stepmother Jodie. The interesting thing is his father was a DJ, thanks to him as Malone grew interested in hip-hop, rock, and country. His first musical instrument was guitar because he loved to play a popular video game named “guitar hero.”

Austin’s family

Austin is really close with his father, Richard. Richard was a DJ and music was his first interest. This interest grew in Malone too. His mother Nicole and his father got divorced for their personal differences. Then he got his stepmother and stepbrother. Surprisingly they all have a good and healthy relationship.


Malone was a good student. He started his school at Grapevine High School that is in Tarrant County and completed his high school and enrolled in the Syracuse University. But he preferred music to education. So, he left university and started his career with music.

 The musical career of Post Malone

In high school, Malone used to share his mixtapes with his classmates. They loved it and inspired Malone to continue with music further.

Post malone net worth
Post malone net worth

He was a member of the high school heavy metal band and performed on various occasions. His performance gained popularity since then.

As he was serious about his musical career, he moved to Los Angeles with his best friend Jason Stokes for a better future. He was then only 13.

In Los Angeles, while preparing for rapping and singing, Austin needed a stage name. He just generated a random rapper name, and from then the name “Post Malone” is up there on the billboard. I think this name is “lucky” for him.

Many music producers were there to help him, and this was possible because of his extra talent. Time FKi from Atlanta produced his first single “white iverson.” This song made history and Post Malone became a superstar for this song. After this hit single, famous artists like Kanye West, 50 cents, young thug and Justin Bieber wanted to collaborate with Malone.

Then he released his famous songs like – Go Flex, Too Young, Déjà vu, Stoney – each of them has hit the Billboard chart and made Malone billionaire.

Post Malone house, cars, girlfriend

Let’s talk about the lavish and huge home of Malone’s. This house is 13,000sq ft and worth $3 million and is located in Los Angeles.

He has a huge collection of cars as Malone loves cars. He also owns a private jet plane.

His girlfriend is Ashlen Nicole Diaz. This two met while producing a song of Malone. They are together from 2015, and the bond is still there.

If you see post Malone, you will only look at his tattoos. He has more tattoos on his face then his body. He reasoned these tattoos to piss off his mom.

Post Malone net worth 2018 is $14 million, and he deserves it. This young talented singer has given all his best on a singing career, and he is enjoying it. But his jet and a car accident have created fear among his fans, though he escaped death two times fans think he needs to be more careful.  This young rapper and songwriter has brought new and unique style in rapping world.

Logic net worth: interesting facts that you should know

Logic net worth

Love the under pressure rap song? Yes, here you will know about the popular young rapper logic whose real name is Sir Robert Bryson “Bobby” Hall II. This young dude is a singer, an American rapper, record producer and songwriter. Logic started to show passion and interest in music when he was in teenage. He started music in 2009 and in 2010 there was a mixtape in the market. Then he signed a deal with a music group named visionary music group. After joining the group, this talented rapper released two more mixtapes. By the year 2012 Logic was the center of attraction in the music world.  Today in 2019 logic net worth is 10 million. Huge right? Now it is time to know a little bit more about this young rapper.

Logics important details


Sir Robert Bryson Hall II
Date of birth January 22, 1990
Birthplace Rockville, Maryland,
Nationality American
Profession Rapper, songwriter, record producer.
Logic Height 5ft 9
Weight 165 lbs
Hair Color ‎Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue
First Album

Life Skillz

About Logic

Logic net worth
Logic net worth

This extraordinary talented American rapper came to the world on January 22, 1990. His birthplace was in Rockville, Maryland. His father was African- American, and mother was Caucasian.  The sad part of his life is the childhood part was a troubled one. Logic parents were the drug addict and his father was not there for his family. Logic grew up with his brothers in Gaithersburg. His brothers were in the business of producing and distribute crack cocaine. They used to sell it to dealers and also to their father. Logic didn’t like the business, instead, he started to grow interested in music especially hip-hop. He started school but dropped out in 10th grade. Later he showed cause of family and not having attention in the study. At the age of 17, logic ran away from home to get away everyday abuse from mother. He started to do different odd jobs to bear his expense.

When did logic start his career? Well, it began when logic age was 13. His inspiration was Kill Bill movie. His godfather was who guided him- Solomon Taylor. The name Logic was named in the stage of psychological at the age of 19. His big year was in 2009, in this year the first mixtape was released. Then he started to work with Redman, Pitbull, Method man and Ludacris.

His fame rose when he joined the music group visionary and the recording Def Jam. They released the album “under pressure” and the year was 2014. It was a super duper hit. This album was in top chart of hip-hop and rap. Then in 2015, he released his second hit album “the incredible story”.  Logic albums are all about his experience of his childhood and his passion for song. And lastly, you will know about logic everybody album in 2017, the hottest rap songs of all time. He became famous as “common sense.” This term came up from his first mixtape in 2010. “Younger Sinatra” was the second one mixtape of logic in 2011. Other mixtapes were “young Sinatra: simple” and “younger Sinatra: Welcome to for all time” in 2012 and 2013 individually. The songs are written from the heart, about life, passion, dreams. It is the main cause that the songs become so popular.

Logic is too much calculative and responsible regarding his personal life. Because he has learned a lot from his life and it was hard for him. He believes in hard work with responsibility and honesty. He showed devote, confidence towards his career and his personal life also. Logic wife is Jessica Andrea. They met in 2013 and dated for two years. Then this beautiful couple is happily married from Oct 22. 2015. Till they have no children. This singer had a relationship before for five years but she was not introduced to anybody. But it didn’t last as Logic wanted to concentrate on music.

Logic net worth

The net worth of this singer is really outstanding. Just look yourself:

Years NetWorth
2012 $2,250,641
2013 $3,600,000
2014 $5,106,607
2015 $7,108,120
2016 $9,000,000
2017 $10,000,000
2018 $10,000,000

Earnings By Years:

Actually, the fortune of Logic started to come in the year of 2012. At that time his mixtape was released and he earned millions. Here you will see the earning chart that is growing yearly.

Earnings By Years:

Years Earnings
2012 $2,800,000
2013 $3,400,000
2014 $4,500,000
2015 $5,600,000
2016 $5,900,000
2017 $6,300,000

Hit songs of logic:

  • Sucker for pain
  • Ballin
  • all I do
  • 5am
  • young Sinatra iii
  • Break it down

Logic also got award nomination for Grammy awards nomination for his song “1-800-273-8255”. He has done many musical tours. In 2012 he has gone on his first international tour, in 2013 he also completes his European tour with success.

This young rapper currently lives in Los Angeles. He has his own recording studio and a huge collection of video games. He has an Audi A4.

The good thing about this rapper is he didn’t forget his background and poverty. He used them as willpower and the steps of success. He often speaks his experience in his song and motivates young’s. He even gave up smoking. This singer is really an inspiration for all young ones, especially who has a troublesome childhood. Many cannot just get away from the situation and they get trapped but salute to this rapper. He has overcome all the hard days and now a millionaire young singer.

This young rapper is really a good inspiration for all youngsters. It is amazing to see how a poor kid from a drug-addicted family has come so far only with hard work and dedication. As you see the logic net worth in 2018 is 10million. It is not an easy thing to do. Now, this talented singer is working on a new project. Hope it rocks and stays in the top cart as usual. All the best to this young hardworking singer.